Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hot Summer Night

It’s chilly tonight so I’ve lit a fire to warm up so I can have some fun, while you watch. The problem is, the neighbor next door is out on her porch and she’s watching you. There’s also a copper that keeps circling the block which makes me wonder what’s going on, but I’m too horny to wait. As you sit in your chair, I want you to imagine how soft my skin is, and notice how the fire dances across my boobs. With your eyes, follow my fingers from my mouth down to my pussy and back up to my lips. Next, I want you to dream of your hands running across my stomach and your fingers dancing along my bush and into my tight, wet pussy. You slowly bring me to orgasm before climbing on top of me to satisfy yourself, inside of me. You feel my warmth gripping you, begging for your cum load. I can see that you’ve drifted off into your own fantasy but I bring you back to reality and you realize that the lady next door is still on the porch and I’m on the ground where she can’t see me. You look down and notice that you’re incredibly hard and there’s a wet spot on your shorts. Maybe we should take this inside, yes? CLICK HERE!


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