Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hugh & Buffett

I was looking for a picture when I ran across a video that I meant to post months ago. I figure it's just as funny now as it was then and there's no reason not to share it with you, it's THAT funny. When I was in Florida last year Kristine was so sweet to take me to the Mote Marine so that I could gawk over the Manatee's. They have two, Hugh and Buffett (like the singer, not the food line). They're cute as a button and full of spunk. I mean, they both swam right up to the window and one, we'll call Buffett, smashed his nose up against the glass and made noises. You can hear me laughing and Kristine saying "That's awesome!". 

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  1. Damn. My video didn't load...okay, let me consult with my software guru....Swamp Dawg, I need help! Puhleeeze...:D